Welcome to my creative play ground

I'm Rory – a designer and maker in the UK. I started out as a graphic designer in advertising & marketing agencies and travelled around the world working for some of the best. Now I work for myself, building my own products and helping other people with theirs.


If you know me well then you'd know that I have a lot of projects on the go.
These are currently just my main three.


I get a lot of weird deep philosophical wise thoughts shooting around my head most of the time. Super atomic multi-dimensional shit that nobody else really wants to know. So this is the place for it... Also, my future kids will have a record of just what a genius I was(am) when all these ideas eventually get created by other people more fortunate than me – unless some super kind billionaire see's my potential here and invests in me! Yeah right, fat chance...

Don't make me think

A surprising twist and a dream come true.

Lessons from Breaking my back

What I wish I'd known when I was younger.