I hate things that don't make sense.
Which is most things!

There's a lot of shit out there. Advertising that doesn't make any sense, and not even the type that's intentionally not making sense. I mean, businesses where you have to read a whole document before you think you understand what they're offering but actually you're still confused. It's natural for business owners, entrepreneurs with a zillion thoughts in their minds to feel confused and struggle to clearly and conicesly get their thoughts out, especially if they don't have a sales background.. The hardest thing to do is keep things simple.

This happens with both the words we use and the images. Sometimes there's a complete disparage between them and sometimes there's just too much information. And in an age where you only have a split second to get someones attentions – and then keep it – the way something is designed is just as important as how it's designed. (It always has been but now more so than ever). Unfortunately a lot of people think that because they can use a computer; they learnt English at school or know how to use powerpoint, that they can design. It's not to say this won't work, but you are probably lucky to get the attention of 10% of your audience with poorly designed and written advertising. To get 100% and beyond takes skill. That's where I come in.